24/6: International show in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Judge: Wenche Eikeseth, Norway.

Miniature schnauzer, black (9): BOB!

N UCH FIN CH KBV BISS Pirkko's Dark Sky

N FIN CH KBV BISS Pirkko’s Dark Sky; CC, CACIB & BOB!

Multi Ch Chantal Sensation Rezlark; BOS.

24/6: International show in Trondheim.

Judge: Beata Petkevicha, Latvia.

Miniature schnauzer, black & silver (14): BOB!

Chottans No I

Chottan’s No 1, ”Wiktor” made his debut in Norway with CAC, CACIB and BOB!

He was also the best schnauzer in group 2 participating in the ”semi-finals” among the 7 best, but unfortionately was not placed at the end.

Miniature schnauzer, black (19):

Dolma Ling's Quadratic

Dolma Ling’s Qadratic; 1/1 JCC, CC, 3rd best male.


Dolma Ling's Queen Sophie

Dolma Ling’s Queen Sophie; 1/1 JCC, CC, 3rd best bitch.


Miniature schnauzer, white (4): BOB!

N UCH Lazaras White Dina Rose.
CAC x 4
BOB x 4

Lazaras White Dina Rose; CAC, NEW CHAMPION, CACIB & BOB!

Standard schnauzer, black (3):

Dolma Ling Dark Sonny Av Serjas

Dolma Ling Dark Sonny Av Serjas; 2 JC.

Giant schnauzer, black (18):

Pectus Ingo

Pectus Ingo; 1/1OC, CC, 4th best male.


VIP-GUEST: Chottan’s No 1.

”Wiktor” will stay in kennel Dolma Ling the rest of 2007.

Chottans No I.
BIS valp (puppy) Cupen

BIS puppy.

Chottans No I, photo taken 2007-06-22.


17/6: National Allbreed show in Bodø.

Judge: Anne Marie Thommasen, Sweden.

Standard schnauzer black, puppy : BOB!

Dolma Ling’s Terrific Ylva.

Dolma Ling's Terrific Ylva
BOB puppy


Dolma Ling's Terrific Ylva
BOB puppy

Congratulations to Trude and Ylva for this fantastic debut in the showring!

Miniature schnauzer black, puppy: BOB!

Dolma Ling’s Wilja To Enano.

Congratulations to Bjørg (kennel Enano)and Wiljas second BOB in a row!

Keep up the good work girls!


3/6-07: International show in Drammen.

Judge miniatures: Dodo Sandahl, Sweden.

Judge standard schnauzer and giants: Petter Fodstad, Norway.

Miniature schnauzer, black & silver (15): BOB!

N UCH According To Dolma Ling, "Rolf". 
BOB & CACIB NKK INTERNATIONAL show in Drammen 2007.
BOS & CACIB: JWW-06 Chottans Victory Dreams, "Vickan".

Judge: Dodo Sandahl, Sweden.

N CH According To Dolma Ling, ”Rolf”, CACIB & BOB!

JWW’06 Chottans Victory Dreams, "Vickan", CAC, CACIB & BOS!   

Owned, bred and handled by ”Chottis”, Kennel Chottans.

Miniature schnauzer, black (13):

Dolma Ling's Quadratic, "Kyrre".

Dolma Ling’s Quadratic, ”Kyrre”, 1/1 JC, Price of Honour.

Dolma Ling's Queen Sophie, "Sophie"

Dolma Ling’s Queen Sophie, ”Sophie”, 1/1 JC, CC, 2nd Best Bitch.

N UCH Dolma Ling's Once In A Lifetime, "Nemi".
CAC x 4
res. CACIB
BOS Speciality '07
BOS National Allbreed show x 3

N CH Dolma Ling’s Once In A Lifetime, ”Nemi”, CC, 3rd Best Bitch.

Standard Schnauzer, black (5): BOB!

Dolma Ling's Superb Resolution, "Shira"
BOB NKK INT show Drammen '07.

Dolma Ling’s Superb Resolution, ”Shira”, 1/1 JC, CAC & BOB!

What a fabulous debut for 10 months old Shira among the grown-ups!

Congratulations to owner/handler Anette K. Teien!

NW-06 NORDJW-06 SW-06 Dolma Ling's Northern Hope, "Kira"
CAC x 4
BOS x 2

NV’06 NORDJV’06 SV’06 Dolma Ling’s Northern Hope, ”Kira”, CC, 2nd Best Bitch & CACIB!

Dolma Ling Dark Sonny av Serjas, ”Sonny”, 1/1 JC.

Giant schnauzer, black (17): BOS!

Wedlock's Bring it all back home; CAC, CACIB, Champion and BOB. Owner / handler Kent Olsen, kennel Greypix.

Pectus Ingo, HD-A
CAC, CACIB & BOS NKK INT show Drammen '07.

Pectus Ingo, ”Ingo”, CAC, CACIB & BOS!

Pectus Ingo
CAC x 4
BOB x 3