7/29: National Allbreed Show In Moss.

Judge schnauzers: Ann Rode, Sweden. 

Giant schnauzer, black: BOB!

Dolma Ling's Perfect Design, "Cita"
BIR (BOB) Moss '07

Dolma Ling’s Perfect Design, ”Citamade her debut among the grownups getting CAC & BOB!

Conratulations Camilla and Tommy! Job well done! ☺

Miniature schnauzer, black:

Dolma Ling’s Robbin’ The Hood; ”Robbinmade his debut among the adults getting CC and 4th best male!

Congratulations with a great achievement Anne! ☺

7/29: National Allbreed Show in Ransäter, Sweden.

Judge: Wenche Eikeseth, Norway.

Miniature schnauzer, black (2+19): BOB!

Ransäter, Sweden. 2007-07-29.
Judge Wenche Eikeseth, Norway.
Brage CAC & BOB.

BOS: Galax Hanna Hayabusa. Congratulations!

CH Bouvbear’s Bring That Bottle Over; CAC & BOB!

Brage is now Norwagian, Danish, Swedish and Nordic Champion.

Nordic Junior Winner 2002 and Norwegian Winner 2003! ☺

Ransäter, Sweden. 2007-07-29.
Skruff 2nd best male.

CH Pirkko’s Dark Sky; 2nd best male!

Elin and Skruff also defended the norwegian colours becoming second best male!

Totally there were  11 male entries, 2 of them were puppies, 1 entry in intermediate class,

5 in open class, 2 champions and 1 champion in veteran class.

Ida Charlotte.   Sebastian.

Ida Charlotte, Sebastian and Mai Lin had a wonderful day in Ransäter.

They had a great time despite of the changing weather conditions,

and tried lokal dishes such as hot-dogs, ice-cream, soft drinks and candy! ☺☺☺☺


7/16: black standard schnauzer puppies born: 3 ♂ & 8 ♀

7/14: National Allbreed show in Skien.

Judge: Petter Fodstad, Norge.

Miniature schnauzer, black & silver: BOB & BIG 4!

BIG 4 Skien '07. Dommer Colette Muldoon, Irland.


Miniature schnauzer, black: BOB!

Dolma Ling’s Queen Sophie, ”Sophie”; CAC & BOB!

Dolma Ling's Queen Sophie; CERT & BIR Skien '07. 
Dommer Petter Fodstad.

Standard schnauzer, black: BOB!

Dolma Ling’s Viking, ”Loke”; CAC & BOB!

Dolma Ling's Viking; CERT & BIR Skien '07.
Dommer Petter Fodstad.


BIR & BIM Skien '07.

Congratulations Gunnlaug with  Nikitas championship!

Giant schnauzer, black:

Dolma Ling's Perfection "Oda", 18 months old.

Dolma Ling’s Perfection; ”Oda”; 1/1 IC, Price of Honour.


8/7: National Allbreed show in Oltedal.

Judge Giant schnauzer, Standard schnauzer & BIS: Leif Ragnar Hjort, Norway.

Giant schnauzer, black: BOB!

Dolma Ling’s Perfection, ”Oda”; CAC & BOB!

Standard schnauzer, black puppy: BOB & BIG 2!

Dolma Ling’s Thord of Earl, ”Junior”.

Lots of congratulations to Michael and Marthe!

Judge Miniature schnauzer and FCI-group 2: Åke Cronander, Sweden.

Miniature schnauzer, black & silver: BOB & BIG!

Chottans No I, ”Wiktor”: CAC, BOB & BIG!

Many thanks to Michael and Marthe for all their support! A jolly good spirit on a very wet day!

Thanks for the nice pictures Marthe! ☺


7/1: National Allbreed show & Obedience trail in Vestnes.

Miniature schnauzer, black:

Judge: Knut Andersen, Norway.

Dolma Ling’s Magnificent Leonardo; CAC, NEW CHAMPION & 2nd best male!

Judge obedience: Jon Egil Fiksdal, Norway.

Leo also participated in the obedience trail in class II, and got 173 points and can thereby move up to class III!

Fantastic! Lot’s of congratulations to Anne-Cecilie and Leo!



NEWS 2006