Mai Lin Anderssen

Mai Lin” ♀ 1971-05-30.


To barn (Two children):

     - Sebastian: 1995-02-14.

     - Ida Charlotte: 2004-12-30.




On a royal visit at the Norwegian castle with Trym.                                                    Mai Lin and her daughter Ida.


Mai Lin and her deceased dalmatian Hamlet.

Multi BIS puppy.



Mai Lin handles Dolma Ling`s Queen Sophie, ”The Queen” to BIS 3 puppy.

Judge: Brenda Banbury, UK.



Mai Lin in charge of our Breeder class at the schnauzer-speciality. Result: BIS!

Judge: Brenda Banbury, UK.

Nordic Winner – 06, BOS bitch CH ”Sara” handled by Mai Lin.


                                                                            Norwegian Winner – 06, BOS bitchKirahandled by Mai Lin.




Mai Lin at age 7- 8, and her best childhood friend, Siw Iren.           Testing the new rollerskates. About 10 years old.



Playtime with the camera after school.        Mai Lin, Zita and childhood friends.                           Mai Lin & Zita.


Chilling out in her room. She’s about 12 years old here.




Picture with our guide in Marocco.  Now she’s 14.                                      Camel riding in the desert.



Venomous snakes around her neck! What a deardevil!                                  Lunch at a street-restaurant in Gibraltar.



Paris; visiting the famous Eiffel tower, ……..     and Centre Pumpudu, and finally the cathedral Nothredamè. We were all a bit exhausted.


Mai Lin & Zita in the garden. 15 years old.



Exercising with Trym and Bobo.                                       Bobo waiting eagerly to run and pull some more.      Speeding down the sloap!



A little rest as they wait for the others.                         Bobo lokking back to see if she can start soon.          Away we go!


End off session.



Mai Lin 34 years old.