CH Grace In Black Bodil Mathilde. Reg. nr: N 19865/01

Bobo” ♀ 2001-07-20 (6 years old in this picture).

- N UCH (Norwegian Champion)

- BIR valp (BOB puppy) x 5

- BIG 4 valp (puppy)

- CERT (CAC) x 3

     * Speciality show

     * INT show

     * National Allbreed show


- BIR Spesial (BOB Speciality)

- HD (A)

- Øyelyst FRI hvert år (Annual clear eye certificate)

- T3 / T4 NORMAL (thyroxin / hypothyrosis)

- Saksebitt, komplett tannsett (Scissors bite, complete denture)

- 67 cm, 40 kg

Valper født (Puppies born) 29/9-06 : 2 ♂ / 5 ♀

Stamtavle (Pedigree):

Avkom (off-spring):

CH Dolma Ling’s Amalie Shoting Star

Dolma Ling’s Amanda


Dolma Ling’s Alma Starbright


CH Dolma Ling’s Brede


Dolma Ling’s Birgitte




Barnebarn (Grand-children):

Dolma Ling’s Perfection


Dolma Ling’s Composure


Dolma Ling’s Probably The Best




Bobo is four years old in this picture.                         She loves to work and use her body.


Mai Lin, Sebastian and Bobo in the slopes. Fun and exercise at the same time for us and the dog!