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                   Vidar                                       Mai Lin



Kennel Dolma Ling was founded in 2003 by Mai Lin Anderssen and Vidar Anderssen. We are siblings and were raised in an activ family with lots of hobbies. One of them is and have always been dogs. Our parents had two german shepherds when we were born in the late sixties- early seventies, and a bit later, a giant schnauzer came in to our home. The year was 1981, and the giant bitch came from kennel Stangis located in Sola, near by our city Stavanger, where we lived at the time.

(Here you can see our older brother Rune at the age of two years, and Sussie as a puppy, only a couple of months old.)

Stangis Carmen Zita was her pedigree name, but we usually called her Zita. She was by all means a fantastic dog; great temperament, obidient and selfassured in every situation.

  Zita participated in a couple of shows, with ok results, but never became a great show-dog, due to her missing tooth, a PM-1. But one thing is for sure, she caused a permanent positive impression of the breed upon us.

(This picture shows our deceased brother Tor Ivar and Zita. She is approxemately a year old here.)



Therefore I was quite convinced that the next dog also would bee a giant, but no, that did not happen. Due to new floors in our house at the time, we chose to down-size a couple of inches, and ended up with a black mini bitch from kennel Landstrykeren`s, by the name Hedda.

Hedda came in to the family as a hurricane! Everybody loved her positive spirit and friendly attitude, and she also was very successful in the ring, ending up with BIS 2 at her first puppy show! At the age of 21 months she was a champion, and totally she got 6 CAC’s, 2 CACIB’s and 1 res. CACIB. Hedda is our foundation-bitch, and has so far had eleven lovely off-spring. Three have been showed and they are all Champions!

We were determined to get a good stud-dog in the kennel after we decided to breed Hedda. So after asking around among topp breeders and other people with expert knowledge of the breed, we got the opportunety to buy a promising male from kennel Bouvbear`s. That is how Brage came to live with us. He was 9 weeks old when we traveled to pick him up, and he was already housebroken!

Brage was a special puppy by all means; he walked in a lead as if all 9 weeks old puppies always do so with ease, and stood still as a statue for minutes at the time. To make a long story short, he was immaculate!

Never shall we dear to dream of a more impressive entry to the ring; three times Best in Show! Including the Speciality at the age of only four months!! The two next shows he came in BIS 2 and BIS 3! Brage also had a fantastic debut in the junior class, and his champion title was a fact as soon as he had reached the required age. For instance he was ”Best of Breed” at an International Show in Bergen compeeting from the junior class! Brage got quite a lot of BOB`s, of which I remember Norwegian Winner – 03 as the most memorable one.

The combination Hedda and Brage, was kennel Dolma Ling`s first litter. We kept a promising bitch at home, Helle, and naturally had high expectations to her debut in the show-ring.

    With a bit of hesitation I admit that at least a lot of the spectators, including the judge, Dr. Wilfried Peper, had a ”Kodac” moment, getting a good laugh on my behalf, seeing me draging Helle along as if somebody had put wheels beneath her. The little Diva had made up her mind  n o t  to walk or behave herself at all, and nothing I tried could make her change it. The critic was ok, but Dr. Peper ended it with the words:”it would have been nice to see some voluntary movement”….she got a 1. belive it or not. After that wonderful start it only went in one direction; 15 months and 2 days old, Helle was a Champion! At the time a new record for us! Click here to know more about Helle.

By the way, we must not forget that long before we started planning little Helle, we had gotten our first standard schnauzer at home; Lazaras Duke of Earl, called Dyke. He was bred by Mrs Tarja Aabø from Finland, but now living in Tananger, just outside of Stavanger on the south-west part of Norway. Dyke is only two weeks younger than Brage, so they grew up as ”brothers”. If we look at our dogs from a show-ring perspective, Dyke is the most successful one; three times Norwegian Winner, Nordic Winner, Swedish Winner, International -, Nordic -, Norwegian-, Danish- and Swedish Champion!

Mai Lin was the first in the family to pick up Zita`s legacy. Grace in Black Bodil Mathilde, Bobo usually, was purchased for that matter. She is after internationally renowned lines. Her Champion title was a fact at the age of three years, after her first litter, and she has a BOB from a Speciality Show as one of the highlights of her showring career. Bobo is our foundation bitch in the breed, and has had three quality litters. Click here to know more about Bobo.


So far we have had a number of litters with the prefix ”Dolma Ling’s”, and we most certainly hope that there are more to come! Our goals are to breed for good type and excellent temperament. It is of great importance to have a long-term perspective in the breeding program, and last, but not least, to give the dogs the time they require in order to develop in a normal and healthy fashion.

Finally I wish to thank my parents, Kari and Ivar, who contributes with all their time, effort, knowledge and expertise. Without the help and support from them, kennel Dolma Ling’s would not have been a reality.

Ivar Anderssen

Kari Anderssen

Vidar Anderssen

Main owner of kennel Dolma Ling’s

Mai Lin Anderssen

Part owner of kennel Dolma Ling’s

Tarzan sitting on a rock.


     A giant schnauzer puppy.         Caro, 12 weeks old.


Our community Nissedal, is situated in the middle of two alpine sport centres, Vrådal and Gautefall. As you probably can tell, not only we love the wintertime, also the dogs appriciates the activities in the snow and the opportunety to use their bodies.


Mai Lin and Bobo speeding down-hill. Sebastian is testing his balance skills.

Sunset in the wintertime. The water in front of our house is totally frozen and used as ski-terrain. It’s not unusual with minus 20- 30 degrees Celsius in our part of the country. Our property is situated 260 meters above sea level. The tallest mountain peaks in the area are about a 1000 meters.


The dogs love to run in the snow, but often it’s more than the minis can handle. Therefore we make trails in the garden, so they also can run and use their bodies. One the picture to the left the giant bitch Amanda poses with an allert look. One the right we have some of our minis, from left; Hedda, her daughter Helle, Emma and Heddas granddaughter Ella. They are all waiting impatiently for their play time in the snow.

Kari and Ivar on a field trip. This picture is taken in Chiang Dao Elephants training center in Chiangmai in Thailand.



As you can tell, our giants are quite small and almost like angels compared to this bengal tiger.

The pictures are from Pattaya, Thailand.